my process


Discovery Call

  • A brief (typically less than 30 minutes) call to formally introduce myself and learn more about your goals. This will allow me to understand where I can provide the most value.
Step #2


  • I’ll send a proposal outlining everything we discussed during the Discovery Call and will provide a detailed hourly estimate. If applicable, I’ll include theme examples so you can visualize the final product before work begins.

Branding & Homepage Design

  • If you don’t already have branding in place, the first step will be to select a logo, color scheme, and font pairings. Next I’ll move onto designing the website’s homepage, which is the foundation of any website.
Step #4

Designing Subpages & SEO

  • Once the homepage is complete, I’ll then design all subpages (using agreed upon design elements from the homepage). Then, I’ll optimize the website for organic search traffic (SEO).
Step #5

Pushing Live & Retainer Options

  • The final step is to push the website live! Once the website is live, we can discuss month-to-month retainer options.